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Understanding our Jewish Heritage as Christians

Studying to show ourselves approved unto God! Workmen that don't need to be ashamed.

Reinvestigating our Jewish Roots

"...you, a wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing sap from the olive root." 

Rom. 11:17


The idea of study is as old as the spoken and written word.  However, how to study, how to use the aids that help us in original languages, contextual consideration and recent archaeological finds are confusing to many.  Gain insights and assistance in this area from 40 years of work in the area of Biblical studies.   

Judaism in the First Century

The background to Jesus, his followers, and the kingdom movement in the first century had a completely Jewish background that is usually misunderstood.  To gain an appreciation for Jesus, and his original words in the original context, this must be considered and looked at deeply within the first four books of the New Testament.  

Theological Topics

Theology is the study of various topics found with the Biblical text from the Lords Supper, Baptism, Women's Role in the Church, Satan and evil, the creation of man, the Holy Spirit,  Salvation, Marriage and Divorce, the Blood Covenant, and the Son of Man to name a few.  It is essential that these topics be looked and discussed from a background that looks at the original setting and intent to the original audience.    

Books to consider

Mikvah: the relationship of Jewish ritual immersion and Christian Baptism.  

This book examines the background of Christian baptism showing the original intent, the way that it was done and helps enlighten the reader as to the Jewish background of this very important practice.

Women's Role in the Body of Christ 

Unfortunately, many theological positions are based on the society in which they find themselves.  This work reflects twenty years of research into the writings of Paul and the topic  of women and their part in the Kingdom of God both in the first-century and today in the twenty-first century.  You'll find this book in Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and Kindle.

The Satanic Myth

This book talks about the misunderstanding most Christians have about the being called Satan, if indeed it be correct to call it a being.  I go into the Jewish background of Satan, look at many of the texts used to support a viewpoint commonly used, and look at the development of this concept throughout history.  


A New Testament Survey

From a Seminar held a few years ago Dr. Roy Blizzard introduced many new concepts and ideas from his introduction into the New Testament text to the Jewish consideration of the gospels and epistles.  I'm happy to have worked on this for several years and made it possible for the general public to now be able to research and look into this valuable material.  Anyone that is serious in their study of the New Testament must get this book and work through the material.  

Papers and Study Materials 

How to Study the Bible 


This work deals with how to study the Bible, what aids are indispensable for this to occur, books written by other authors in this field, and online sites that are needed to begin your journey.

  • Practical information on how to begin.
  • How to use the original languages in your study.
  • Putting your best foot forward daily in questioning everything you believe.
  • Checks and Money Orders should be made out to Barry Fike.  Orders may take two to three weeks to get to you.  

The Importance of knowledge of first century Judaism

Who is my enemy?

Verse 43 Hate thine enemy-  Hate in Hebrew doesn’t carry the same weight that the English word carries with it.  On one occasion Jesus says, If you don’t hate your mother and…

Who do I give to?

Verse 42 Give to him that asketh thee- It’s significant to again remember the context in which we find this.  The context deals with resisting, or competing with one who is…

Brother to Brother relationship

v. 40 - Under the influence of what is called taA-LIT by Jews to today, some translators have understood that the taA-LIT was a shawl-like covering draped over the upper part of…

Raining on the Just and the Unjust

The Rabbinic parallel to this verse is found in Taanith 7a, “...for the resurrection is intended to benefit only the righteous, whereas both the righteous and the wicked are…

Love your Enemy?

Love your enemy-  (Lev. 19:18) this was considered to be the “great summary of the Torah,” both according to the Rabbinic view and also according to Jesus himself (Matt.…

Hate your Enemy?

Matthew 5:43 -- Hate thine enemy-  .  Hate in Hebrew doesn’t carry the same weight that the English word carries with it.  On one occasion Jesus says, If you don’t hate your…



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The Jewish Jesus Seminar/How to Study the Bible Seminar/The Satanic Myth Seminar

Contact me for a two to three day Seminar on any of the seminars listed above at your congregation.

Topics discussed include:  Jesus education, The Jewish Nature of the first Century church, The Jewish Jesus, Jesus the Rabbi and his Rabbinical method of teaching, and The Difficult Words of Jesus.  This seminar is based on the most current research done by scholars at the Jerusalem School for the Study of the Synoptic Gospels, and research done by such noted scholars as Prof. David Flusser, Prof. Schmuel Safrai, Dr. Roy Blizzard, Dr. David Bivin and many, many more.  After studying this material for thirty years, it's time to reawaken the true nature of the scriptures with their Jewish background and understand more about who Jesus was, what he was teaching, and how it applies to our lives today.  

The Study of the Bible is the most crucial item that the church needs today.  Let me show how that a thirst after God's word is essential to the church being led by the Holy Spirit.  How to do study from the Greek/Hebrew, various textual aids, and exegetical principles essential to good personal Bible study are looked at and expounded upon.  A 75 page workbook is included in this seminar.

The Satanic Myth is a look at the "individual" entitled "Satan", "Devil", "Beelezebub" and how the church has been misled by several bad translations and even worse theology.  Several scriptures that include Job, Christ's temptation, and many more are looked at as we investigate the true meaning of good vs. evil.  A book is included in this seminar.